Bitcoin: Bernstein forecasts 150,000 US dollars per BTC by the end of 2025

Analysts at Bernstein Research are certain: the price curve of Bitcoin (BTC) will rise to 150,00 US dollars by the end of next year. What are the arguments and what can we make of such forecasts?

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is currently experiencing a phase of price discovery. Over the past week, Bitcoin has been trading between 57,000 and 64,000 US dollars, with no clear trend in the ups and downs. In this situation, Bernstein Research has reaffirmed its forecast that, in the medium term, profit opportunities for BTC predominate. They call for a price target of USD 150,000 per Bitcoin by the end of 2025 – which would mean a doubling of the previous all-time high of just under USD 74,000.

Like Glassnode, Bernstein Research is of the opinion that the Bitcoin markets are only at the beginning of a positive cycle. Price corrections such as last week are quite normal and have a positive side effect: speculators who trade Bitcoin futures plus leverage become more cautious or liquidate in the event of stronger price fluctuations. This would provide the basis for a resumption of the Bitcoin rally from February and March.

This could be helped by the fact that the still young Bitcoin ETFs are once again recording an inflow of capital. On Friday, even the Grayscale ETF recorded an inflow of 63 million US dollars. Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF is a special case due to its past and massive capital outflows from it have been critically observed. Bloomberg expert James Seyffart also emphasized on X the turnaround from capital outflows in the Grayscale Bitcoin ETF towards new investments.

Bernstein Research cites the balance sheet after the Bitcoin halving as a further argument for a positive outlook. BTC transaction costs have returned to well below USD 10 and Bitcoin miners are keeping the hashrate high. Now would be the time for large companies and institutional investors to shift funds to Bitcoin (ETFs), as the risk/reward ratio remains attractive.

Conclusion: Bitcoin price curve – optimism prevails

Bernstein Reserach is not alone with its price target of USD 150,000 for Bitcoin; Standard Chartered Bank has also set this target, even for this year. One thing is clear: the majority of BTC analysts believe that the current price cycle for Bitcoin still has plenty of room for improvement. Whether they are right is another question. Bitcoin investors have endured many a price caper in recent years.


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