Bitpanda Pro is now called One Trading and has big plans for the future

Bitpanda separated its Pro platform for crypto from its business for beginners at the beginning of the week. Now follows the renaming of Bitpanda Pro to One Trading. Ambitious plans are associated with this.

Bitpanda Pro will become One Trading with immediate effect – this was made public via Twitter. Shortly before, Bitpanda Pro had closed a financing round that brought in 30 million US dollars and is thus expected to provide seed capital for far-reaching plans. Earlier this week, Bitpanda had already completed the decoupling of the Pro platform from the one for beginners, we reported here. The new name, One Trading, is also associated with new content:

– “Instant Trading” is supposed to open up the possibility for customers to organize trading with hundreds of cryptocurrencies volumes of up to 10 million US dollars at the click of a mouse. In a customer briefing we received, One Trading (formerly Bitpanda Pro) points to great liquidity in this feature coming from institutional customers and now being unlocked for all.

– By the end of August, One Trading plans to upgrade technologically, making it the “fastest crypto exchange” in the world, according to its own advertising. Orders should then be processed in less than 250 microseconds. In tests, the system has already handled more than 1 million transactions per second (TPS), One Trading writes.

– The clear separation from Bitpanda also changes the regulatory framework for One Trading. One Trading has a license in Italy as a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) and is thus starting business. An application for authorization under the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) has been submitted, it says.

– In conjunction with EU regulations, the new Bitpanda Pro aka One Trading then aims to become the first regulated crypto exchange for European customers to offer trading in crypto derivatives such as bitcoin futures later this year, according to the company.

One Trading has chosen as its motto “Crypto … but regulated” and thus aptly sums up the strategy. Customers from Europe should be able to use a wide range of offers without having to worry about legal gray areas. Especially in the field of crypto derivatives, the options are indeed scarce by now, you can find our overview here.

Conclusion: One Trading replaces Bitpanda Pro

If One Trading‘s future plans work out, it could actually develop into an interesting platform for investors in Bitcoin and Co. Those who were already registered as customers with Bitpanda Pro can also use their log-in for the new One Trading for the time being. A plus: One Trading is already available in a completely German-language version at the start. So take a look at One Trading and judge for yourself whether you like the refreshed concept.

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