Cardano (ADA): Pragma association founded – bundling open source projects

Cardano (ADA) is launching Pragma, a new association that aims to network open source projects for the ecosystem. The concrete Pragma plans for 2024 address known problem areas at Cardano.

Pragma is the name of a new association that aims to help Cardano (ADA) find its way out of the downward spiral. The Cardano Foundation explains the background to Pragma in a blog post. According to this, the association is a non-profit organization and, in addition to the Cardano Foundation, has four other founding members, namely Blink Labs, dcSpark, Sundae Labs and TxPipe. Pragma sees it as its task to bring together and support open source projects in the Cardano ecosystem. However, Pragma will not offer financial subsidies.

It is interesting to see what specific goals Pragma has set itself for 2024. Pragma is initially naming exactly two projects, Aiken and Amaru – and both focus on the technological limitations of Cardano, which are repeatedly emphasized by critics. Aiken is an approach to significantly improve smart contracts on Cardano. Although smart contracts have existed on Cardano since fall 2021, their usefulness has remained questionable because they fail to perform complex tasks.

Pragma’s second direct project is called Amaru and is intended to be software for Cardano network points written in the Rust programming language. So far, Cardano has limited itself to a special path with Plutus / Haskell, which makes the exchange with other ecosystems more difficult. Amaru and Aiken as the first two Pragma projects therefore sound pleasantly practice-oriented and sensible.

It is interesting to note that Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson is initially not involved in Pragma. On X, Hoskinson stated that he had not had any meetings with Pragma members and knew nothing about the funding. However, he welcomes Pragma as a contribution to organizing the Cardano community more independently.

Conclusion: Pragma association addresses Cardano problems

Charles Hoskinson is a controversial figurehead of Cardano because of his sometimes boorish demeanor and casual handling of the truth. Pragma, with the Cardano Foundation on board, is taking a path that does not want to be tied down to people and buzzwords, but wants to solve concrete challenges. Open source as a basic requirement for Pragma projects is also an approach that enjoys priority in the crypto scene beyond Cardano. ADA recently had to cope with being dropped from the top 10 most important global cryptocurrencies – Pragma is raising hopes of a Cardano comeback.


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