Cardano (ADA): Vasil upgrade has to be postponed to the end of July

Actually, the Vasil upgrade for Cardano (ADA) was supposed to go live on June 29. But seven so far unresolved issues make it necessary to postpone Vasil for Cardano, new target date is end of July.

At Cardano (ADA), investors had recently placed hopes in the Vasil upgrade scheduled for June 29. Vasil is supposed to make Cardano’s network more powerful and thus also push applications for ADA, for example in the DeFi division. But now Input Output, the crypto company behind Cardano, has to announce that the planned date for Vasil cannot be met. Internal test runs for Vasil have revealed a total of seven bugs that, while not classified as “severe,” need to be fixed before launch, they say.

The developers now expect to fix the bugs in the coming days and then to be able to import Vasil into the official test net of Cardano. After that, they will wait for experiences from external ADA projects and give crypto exchanges time to prepare for Cardano with Vasil. Thus, according to Input Output, a launch of Vasil on the mainnet now seems realistic for the last week of July. It is noted that, as always with Cardano, the necessary time is given to further development and no compromises are made in error checking and quality. The ADA price curve did not react noticeably to the Vasil delays and remains at levels around $0.50, the lowest level since early 2021.

Cardano – claims and reality differ

Cardano is far from the only popular cryptocurrency that is falling behind in its timelines for advancement. Ethereum (ETH), for example, had to cancel “The Merge” as a prelude to an Ethereum 2.0 for June and is now targeting indefinitely later in 2022. IOTA has even dispensed with concrete medium- and long-term timelines altogether for more than a year.

What is regularly criticized with Cardano, however: The upgrades don’t deliver what they should. The clearest example of this was Upgrade Alonzo in late summer 2021, which, contrary to all promises, brought no breakthrough for ADA in broad DApps and especially DeFi.

Conclusion: ADA is treading water

In April, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson had specifically named Vasil and the second upgrade, Hydra, announced for 2022, as the next milestones for ADA to jumpstart the ecosystem. Whether his prognosis will prove to be true will now only be revealed belatedly.

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