Cardano (ADA): Voltaire era begins with hard fork chang – self-administration

An exciting summer lies ahead at Cardano (ADA), according to founder Charles Hoskinson. Hard Fork Chang is set to usher in the Voltaire era at Cardano, and with it, deeper self-administration. How is ADA reacting?

Cardano (ADA) remains a problem child for investors; for more than two years now, the price curve has been unable to crack the psychologically important USD 1 mark. But founder Charles Hoskinson spreads optimism via X and announces “the most significant milestone in Cardano’s history” for the summer. In fact, the development work is apparently so far advanced that the Voltaire era can begin for Cardano in June and July.

Cardano has divided its roadmap into five phases, with Voltaire being the final one. Named after the French philosopher (1694-1778), this era is intended to transition Cardano into self-administration, where ADA serves as a governance token. The hard fork Chang, which is marked by the ADA Node software in version 9.0, is to provide the prelude to this. At the same time, the community is already being called upon to participate in the election of a provisional committee for a Cardano constitution, which is intended to set guidelines for self-administration. The first results should be available on June 26.

Hoskinson already compares Cardano to “a decentralized civilization that spans the entire world with millions of citizens”. However, previous experiences with self-administration aka DAO in other crypto projects have been sobering. Voter participation often falls far short of expectations and the commonly used principle of 1 token equals 1 vote often puts large investors (whales) in a position to enforce their position. Whether Cardano can prove that it can motivate the community to participate constructively in self-administration in the Voltaire era remains to be seen.

Conclusion: Cardano at a crossroads – where is self-administration heading?

The persistently weakening price curve of ADA is attributed to a lack of use cases, and Cardano has remained an outsider in the targeted sectors of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs. In the future, investors will be able to set their own priorities for development and expansion targets using ADA as a ballot, and Cardano could also attract new interest as a functioning blockchain solution for democratic decision-making processes. On the other hand, Hoskinson has often raised hopes that have not been fulfilled. On the technological side, the Chang hard fork is expected to establish the first steps towards self-administration in the blockchain, including the interim committee, in the second half of July and the Cardano constitution will then be ready for voting by the end of the year. The ADA price has not yet been able to benefit from these ambitious goals, but that may yet change.


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