Celebrate the Bitcoin Halving with Bitpanda’s big promotion

The Bitcoin Halving is a highly anticipated event in the crypto world. It halves the number of new bitcoins created with each block and takes place approximately every four years. This rare event has a potentially long-term impact on the price of Bitcoin by tightening supply and therefore affecting demand. To celebrate this important event, Bitpanda, Europe’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform, has announced a spectacular special promotion that bridges the gap between the world of cryptocurrencies and top-level soccer.

Three exciting raffles

Bitpanda is inviting the crypto community to celebrate the Bitcoin Halving with three exciting raffles that will award a total of €50,000 in Bitcoin. This promotion is a great way for crypto enthusiasts to increase their engagement while having the chance to win exceptional prizes.

Raffle #1: Win 2,000 euros in Bitcoin

The promotion begins with a prize draw where five lucky participants can each win €2,000 in Bitcoin. Anyone who buys at least 210 euros in any cryptocurrency between February 6 and 13, 2024 is eligible to participate. In addition, the two participants who buy the most during this period will each have the chance to win two tickets for the UEFA Champions League match between FC Bayern Munich and Lazio on March 5, 2024.

Prize draw #2: Secure 3,000 euros in Bitcoin

The second prize draw offers five more lucky winners the chance to win €3,000 in Bitcoin each. The conditions of participation remain the same: buy cryptocurrencies for at least 210 euros between March 5 and March 12, 2024. The two top buyers during this period will each receive two tickets for the prestigious match between FC Bayern Munich and Dortmund on March 30, 2024.

Raffle #3: A dream prize of 5,000 euros in Bitcoin

In the third and final prize draw, the stakes are raised as five participants can each win 5,000 euros in Bitcoin. To take part, interested parties must buy cryptocurrencies worth at least 210 euros between April 2 and April 9, 2024. The two people who invest the most during this period will each win two tickets to a future FC Bayern Munich match.

Exclusive trading competitions and merchandise

As the official crypto partner of FC Bayern Munich, Bitpanda not only offers the chance to win bitcoins and soccer tickets. Participants can also compete in exclusive trading competitions and win Bitpanda’s limited edition Bitcoin Halving merch on social media – a unique opportunity for fans of cryptocurrencies and soccer alike.


Bitpanda’s special Bitcoin Halving promotion is an exciting event that brings the crypto community together while strengthening the connection to the world of elite soccer. With the chance to win significant amounts of Bitcoin, be invited to prestigious soccer matches and receive exclusive merchandise, Bitpanda is setting new standards for celebrating cryptocurrency events. Join this unique promotion and celebrate the Bitcoin Halving 2024 in a way you won’t forget.

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