ETHFI: Liquid Restaking project at Binance Launchpool – free token

Binance Launchpool is keeping up its high tempo in introducing new cryptocurrencies and is now offering (ETHFI). Those who take part in the promotion can secure ETHFI for free. Here are the details for you.

We have already reported on Binance Launchpool dozens of times and there is a simple reason for this: The program offers participants good chances of winning by distributing new cryptocurrencies such as ETHFI for free if they stake Binance Coin (BNB) or certain other tokens for a short period of time. Binance Launchpool enters its 49th round at midnight and this time features The project is part of the Liquid Restaking division and is now getting its native cryptocurrency, ETHFI. The exchange debut is scheduled for Monday (March 18) on Binance and you don’t have to do much to have ETHFI in your wallet by then:

1. nothing works without a Binance customer account, so create one quickly now if necessary. Launchpool for (ETHFI) accepts the stablecoin FDUSD in addition to BNB.

2. deposit your funds in BNB and/or FDUSD with Binance Launchpool for staking. In return, you qualify for ETHFI allocations.

3 Binance may distribute 20 million ETHFI, which corresponds to 2 percent of the total holdings on 16 million of this goes to the BNB staking pool, 4 million to the FDUSD staking pool.

4. every hour it is calculated who gets how many ETHFI. This is done on the basis of the individual deposits in relation to the ETHFI provided and the staking pools.

5. on March 18, Binance will ring the exchange bell for ETHFI for the first time and open trading with pairs to BNB, Bitcoin (BTC), FDUSD, Tether (USDT) and the Turkish Lira. As a participant in Binance Launchpool, you will then have ETHFI already received free of charge and can sell it.

Background to (ETHFI) was launched in the summer of 2023, according to the company’s own presentation, and takes up the trending topic of liquid restaking. The aim is to improve the returns on staking Ethereum (ETH) through multiple utilization. ETHFI will be the native token of and is primarily designed as a governance token in the self-administration of the project.

From a technological perspective, docks with EigenLayer. We have a report on the opportunities and risks of liquid restaking and EigenLayer for you here. has already attracted a lot of capital in the still young sector; a week ago, the team announced on X that it had exceeded the USD 2 billion mark in Ethereum.

As far as is known, there have been no private financing rounds for and so there is no basis for a possible price for ETHFI. Pre-exchange markets such as Whales Market are still preparing for ETHFI.

Conclusion: Take ETHFI on Binance Launchpool – you have the chance

As luck would have it, the previous project on Binance Launchpool, AEVO, will celebrate its stock market debut today, Wednesday. There you can get an idea of the chances of winning the program – because participants have received their AEVO for free, just as ETHFI is now being distributed. Liquid Restaking is still in the discovery phase and is viewed very skeptically by some due to the risks involved. But ETHFI is initially a separate token and Binance Launchpool staking is classic and low-risk. All you need to do now is make a few mouse clicks and you can then look forward to ETHFI, which will cost you nothing but will be worth money when it debuts on the exchange – without you having to participate in the liquid staking itself.

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