Get MANTA for free on Binance Launchpool – how to participate

Binance Launchpool has selected MANTA for its 44th free promotion. Today and tomorrow you can secure MANTA for free when you deposit Binance Coin or FDUSD for staking. Here are the details for you.

It’s time once again for Binance Launchpool: for the 44th time, the program is supporting the launch of a new cryptocurrency, and this time the focus is on MANTA. MANTA is a layer-2 solution with a modular design and zero-knowledge proofs (ZK). Binance Launchpool makes it very easy for you to get MANTA for free now:

– Today and tomorrow, Binance Launchpool is giving away a total of 30 million MANTA, which is 3 percent of the total supply.

– To participate in the promotion, you must deposit Binance Coin (BNB) and/or the stablecoin FDUSD (First Digital USD) for staking with Launchpool.

– 24 million MANTA will be distributed to the BNB staking pool, 6 million to the FDUSD staking pool. Settlement will be hourly and based on the BNB or FDUSD you have deposited in relation to the staking pools and the MANTA available.

– The day after tomorrow, Thursday (January 18), Binance will open trading with MANTA in the morning. Trading pairs with BNB, FDUSD, Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) and the Turkish Lira for MANTA have been announced.

– Binance Launchpool costs no fees for you or any other participant and you can withdraw your staked BNB or FDUSD at any time.

Background to MANTA

MANTA advertises with its modular structure and the integration of zero-knowledge proofs (ZK). In the MANTA ecosystem, the coin is used for the payment of fees and as a governance token. In two private pre-sale rounds, MANTA was valued at USD 0.025 to 0.5, while a public funding round called for USD 0.36 for MANTA.

According to DeFiLlama, a good USD 500 million has already been invested in the MANTA ecosystem. ZK with a connection to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is currently being tested at MANTA and Polygon ZK solutions are also to be integrated. MANTA thus sees itself as future-proof.

Conclusion: MANTA at Binance Launchpool – stock market debut on Thursday

Binance Launchpool usually proves to have a shrewd hand when selecting promising newcomers among cryptocurrencies, and MANTA should be no exception. While MANTA’s unique features are technological in nature, the ecosystem’s existing position in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space confirms demand. Binance Launchpool reliably delivers added value for the crypto exchange’s customers because there are no costs involved. The only downer this time is that staking pools for MANTA will only be open until midnight tomorrow (Wednesday), so you should waste no time and get your MANTA on Binance Launchpool now.

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