OMNI exchange debut on Wednesday – Binance Launchpool already running

Omni Network (OMNI) is the focus of the current Binance Launchpool campaign. There, the token, which innovatively docks to the Ethereum ecosystem, can be earned through staking. OMNI has its stock market debut on Wednesday.

Omni Network (OMNI) is another exciting crypto project entering the competition to innovatively improve the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. Binance has secured the right to list OMNI as the first crypto exchange from Wednesday and is running one of its usual staking campaigns in the run-up to the launch pool.

To take part, you need to register Binance Coin (BNB) or the stablecoin FDUSD with Launchpool as soon as possible. The campaign started at the weekend and will only run for another day and a half. Those who take part will be allocated OMNI free of charge. Binance is distributing 3.5 million OMNI, 85 percent of which will go to the staking pool for BNB and 15 percent to the staking pool for FDUSD. Your OMNI allocations are based on the individual amount of BNB and/or FDUSD staked and are calculated hourly.

Ethena (ENA), for example, recently celebrated an impressive launch with the support of Binance Launchpool. With Omni Network, it should also be worth having OMNI in your wallet before trading officially opens. This is because OMNI is selling for over 40 US dollars on Whales Market in the pre-market – the most recent funding rounds for Omni Network called for 1.50 US dollars.

Omni Network wants to tackle the problem that the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem is becoming increasingly fragmented into layer-2 solutions and rollups. As a “late starter”, Omni Network promises to bring these together under its umbrella. Collaborations with projects such as EigenLayer and Arbitrum have been agreed. In this concept, OMNI serves as a means of payment for fees, via staking for security and as a governance token for self-administration. If the idea works, we will be hearing a lot more about Omni Network.

Conclusion: OMNI with potential – focus on stock market debut

Even if we repeat ourselves: Binance Launchpool always launches crypto projects that think ahead and enable uncomplicated early participation. On Wednesday at 14:00 German time, an initial evaluation by the free markets will begin with the start of trading for OMNI on Binance. Experience has shown that this is also the moment when simple profit-taking for participants in Binance Launchpool takes place. Admittedly: From a technological perspective, Omni Network is full of special features that still have to prove themselves in practice. But that is not a counter-argument, at least for the exchange debut, because OMNI is already receiving serious advance praise through Binance Launchpool alone and participation in the campaign is free of charge for you.

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