PORTAL: Universal gaming token available for free from Binance Launchpool

Binance Launchpool is launching a staking campaign today where you can secure PORTAL for free. The new cryptocurrency PORTAL is part of a project that enables gaming via various blockchains.

Binance Launchpool regularly finds 200,000 or more participants when one of the campaigns takes place in which new cryptocurrencies are introduced. The 47th Binance Launchpool is now starting with PORTAL and, as usual, you too can secure the new token there free of charge. PORTAL is part of the platform of the same name, which is dedicated to Web3 gaming. If you join the Binance Launchpool now, you will already have coins in your wallet when PORTAL debuts on February 29 (Thursday). It’s very simple:

– Binance Launchpool is allowed to distribute 50 million PORTAL, which corresponds to 5 percent of the total supply.

– Participants in the campaign must deposit Binance Coin (BNB) and/or the stablecoin FDUSD for staking.

– The longer your BNB or FDUSD are staked at Binance Launchpool, the more often you will receive free PORTAL in return. This is because settlement will take place every hour until 01:00 German time next Thursday (February 29).

– The second factor that determines the number of PORTAL you are entitled to is the amount of BNB or FDUSD you have staked in combination with the staking pool. Binance Launchpool has reserved 40 million PORTAL for the BNB staking pool and 10 million for the FDUSD staking pool.

– You can cancel your participation in Binance Launchpool for PORTAL at any time at no extra cost and of course keep the tokens allocated up to that point as well as your staked BNB and/or FDUSD.

Binance plans to list PORTAL and open trading on February 29 at 11:00 a.m. German time. PORTAL will then have trading pairs with FDUSD and BNB as well as with Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT) and the Turkish Lira.

Background to PORTAL

At Whales Market, for example, PORTAL is already being traded before the exchange debut and is achieving prices of over 1 US dollar. This will also set the bar for trading on Binance. The Portal platform is already online and the project currently has a good 340,000 followers on X. Even though PORTAL advertises with the tag Web3-Gaming, it does not develop its own blockchain games.

The concept is somewhat different: Portal has already entered into partnerships with the ecosystems of Avalanche (AVAX), Solana (SOL), Base from Coinbase, Polygon (MATIC) and others. PORTAL itself is based at Ethereum (ETH). The concept is designed to enable Web3 gamers to access hundreds of blockchain games online without having to deal with different cryptocurrencies and technological details each time.

PORTAL serves as a means of payment and can also be used for staking. Portal also supports NFTs and has announced its own wallet. The platform therefore wants to become the universal point of contact for blockchain gaming and is now also getting its own cryptocurrency in the form of PORTAL.

Conclusion: PORTAL at Binance Launchpool – get active now!

In the still young crypto year 2024, Binance Launchpoool has already supported two projects that publish their own blockchain games: PIXEL and XAI. The world’s largest crypto exchange therefore sees online games on the web3 as one of the major current topics and has now chosen PORTAL, a cryptocurrency that aims to provide an elegant foundation for this. In the past, participants in Binance Launchpool have always been able to enjoy profit-taking on the stock market debut of the respective cryptocurrencies. Your risk with Binance Launchpool is extremely low, because you don’t have to pay anything. So sign up for PORTAL at Binance Launchpool now and make a note of the exchange debut on Thursday in your calendar.

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