Worldcoin (WLD): Version 2.0 brings integration with apps such as Telegram

Worldcoin (WLD) has been traded on crypto exchanges for five months. The project focuses on confirmed online identities. Version 2.0 is now being rolled out, integrating World ID into apps from Telegram to Minecraft.

Worldcoin (WLD) has reliably made headlines since its first announcements in fall 2021, partly because Sam Altman is one of the co-founders. Altman is CEO of OpenAI. His temporary dismissal from the top job at the leading software service for artificial intelligence with applications such as ChatGPT was a huge topic worldwide in November. Worldcoin, on the other hand, has been traded on global crypto exchanges since July and is currently trading at a record level of around USD 2.55 after a daily gain of 10 percent.

The reason for Worldcoin’s optimism is an official blog post explaining the gradual launch of version 2.0. The integration of World ID with popular apps such as Telegram, Reddit, Shopify and Discord is highlighted. You need to know this: Worldcoin teams have been traveling the world since early 2023 to create iris scans using a device called Orb. In return, participants are assigned Worldcoin and a verified World ID, which can be used to confirm their identity in the online world.

According to the website, such World IDs have now been issued to a good 2.6 million people in 120 countries. They can now use them in around 10 apps and a further dozen apps are set to follow soon. In the case of Shopify, for example, the advantage of the World ID is that retailers can offer a special discount because they can exclude bots and multiple use. Minecraft, Discord and Reddit are also initially using World ID to confirm human users. A later integration of Worldcoin as a means of payment seems highly conceivable.

The project has not met with universal approval. In Kenya, Worldcoin was banned from continuing iris scans in August under threat of punishment, citing risks in terms of data security and finances. In Germany, Worldcoin has been active with its orbs since July.

Conclusion: Worldcoin is working on use cases with World ID

In its self-definition, the Worldcoin project is a “fundamental answer to proving humanity in the age of artificial intelligence”. Now you can guess why Sam Altman is committed to Worldcoin. Because with the success of AI applications, fears are growing that more and more bots or fake accounts are flooding the internet. World ID offers a solution here and, through Worldcoin, an incentive to register. According to Worldcoin, 1 percent of the population in Chile and Argentina have already opted for a World ID, and in Portugal the figure is said to be as high as 2 percent. Will a new shooting star among cryptocurrencies emerge here? At least there are now the first useful applications for the World ID, which could also open the doors wide for the use of Worldcoin.

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