Ethereum Wallet MetaMask Now Available As App

MetaMask has already made a name for itself as a wallet for Ethereum and browser for Web3 with decentralized applications in its desktop version. Now MetaMask is coming to smartphones as an app for Android and iOS.

Ethereum (ETH) and the closely related ERC-20 tokens offer use cases far beyond trading crypto currencies. DApps also occupy fields such as games, social networks or journalism in the Ethereum ecosystem. Against this background, MetaMask started as early as 2016 to combine the functionality of a software wallet with its own browser. The idea: MetaMask not only allows users to manage their credit balances in ETH and other Ethereum tokens, but also to use them in the so-called Web3, the decentralized Internet for DApps. What began as a desktop version for Chrome and Firefox is now also available as an app for all common smartphones under the name MetaMask Mobile, reports ConsenSys as the company behind MetaMask via blog post.

Background to MetaMask Mobile

MetaMask Mobile is now available for free download in the App Stores of Google and Apple in many countries, including Germany. So MetaMask comes to your smartphone via iOS or Android. You can purchase from MetaMask ETH by credit card or Apply Pay. You can also transfer ETH or other tokens from another wallet to MetaMask.

Now you have access to the full functionality of MetaMask Mobile which is different from other wallets because of the built-in browser. The user experience of DApps from different genres becomes seamless, the developers promise. Instead of manually linking wallets with each DApp, MetaMask Mobile does this automatically in the background. For example, the popular DEX Uniswap is supported by MetaMask, but also the Blockhain game CryptoKitties.

In terms of security, ConsenSys ensures that seed phrases, passwords and private keys are only stored encrypted on the end device. The sensors for fingerprint or face recognition are then a further security feature. The actual wallet of MetaMask has so far not been affected by hacks that would have taken advantage of technological weaknesses.

Conclusion: MetaMask Mobile marks mobile progress for Ethereum

“Mobile first” is the motto now at MetaMask and the days when users struggled with the desktop version on small screens of smartphones are over. Anyone looking for more than a software wallet in the Ethereum ecosystem now has added value with MetaMask Mobile through the Web3 browser. The list of supported DApps is constantly growing and for mobile use the MetaMask Mobile app is a handy central point. Larger balances in ETH still belong to a Hardware Wallet as the safest solution.

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