Germany Bringing up the Rear: Just 4.4 Blockchain Startups per Million Inhabitants and High Dependence on Imports in the Field of Digitalisation

There are 4.4 blockchain start-ups per million employable citizens in Germany, putting the Federal Republic far behind compared to the rest of the EU. There is significant catching-up to do in terms of digitalisation, as illustrated in a new infographic from

There is a broad consensus that digitalisation is absolutely vital to remain competitive. 95% of German companies would like to see more digital expertise in their own country. Slightly more than half of the companies consider Germany “rather dependent” on other countries when it comes to digital know-how. Just under a third regard the Federal Republic as “completely dependent” – Germany also comes in an inglorious last place in this regard in a comparison of key industrialised countries, according to data from “Bitkom”.

Blockchain’s Relevance

Blockchain remains a rather niche topic among broad sections of the population: most people still primarily associate it with digital currencies such as bitcoin. However, as the infographic shows, this technology could soon become indispensable to numerous industries.

89% of German companies in the logistics sector see cloud computing and blockchain as important or very important to the logistics sector. Almost one third of professionals at managerial level in public utilities and energy supply companies consider blockchain solutions very relevant to the energy industry. It remains to be seen whether and to what extent Germany will be able to capitalise on this in the future – at least considering the country’s economic power and population, Germany has not performed well so far.

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