IOTA Tests Streams – Direct Communication For IoT

IOTA plans to integrate a feature called streams in one of the upcoming upgrades. This will allow messages and data in the Internet of Things (IoT) to be exchanged directly and in real time between network participants, thus adding important functions to IOTA.

IOTA is working on a number of sites to upgrade Tanglenet to IOTA 1.5 with Phase 2 of Chrysalis. One of the goals was formerly known as Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM) and has since been renamed IOTA Streams. Now the IOTA Foundation sees streams as far advanced enough that a public test phase can begin, says a blog post. It is hoped to bring IOTA Streams to a beta version soon.

Background to IOTA Streams

In the Internet of Things (IoT), situations arise in which direct communication between machines of all kinds is required. IOTA Streams is designed to open up a data and message channel that can be flexibly adapted to the respective requirements. In the application presented here, for example, it is possible to select which network participants should receive which information and to which circle they can respond. IOTA calls this Single Branch or Multi Branch. Basically, IOTA streams can be imagined as a closed private side chain of Tanglenet.

According to IOTA, the current solution is almost a hundred times more efficient than previous approaches. This has been achieved through high data compression. This is particularly important because IoT also connects end devices that have very limited computing capacity. Earlier modules based on MAM should be transferable to IOTA streams. The aim is to release IOTA streams in a beta version with phase 2 of Chrysalis. Before that external developers are invited to share their experiences and to describe further requirements for IOTA streams.

Conclusion: The long way to IOTA 2.0

In IOTA the technology is worked on in the engine room and streams are an important detail. After all, showcase projects such as IOTA for Smart Cities or IOTA in mining show that in practical applications immense amounts of data are generated that should not “clog up” the actual mainnet. IOTA Streams is a promising option to create powerful and practical side chains according to individual configurations.

In the general schedule for IOTA, phase 2 is set for chrysalis at the end of October 2020. Subsequently, the company plans to focus entirely on Coordicde aka IOTA 2.0 and abolish the central coordinator in 2021. Details like IOTA streams demonstrate the complexity of the big plan.

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