Solana (SOL) to be connected to Cosmos ecosystem via Injective (INJ)

In the future, DApps based on Solana (SOL) should also work easily in the Cosmos ecosystem (ATOM). For this purpose, Injective (INJ) is developing a network with partners, which is already available as a testnet.

Solana (SOL) can look forward to help from Injective (INJ) in the search for new application fields and users. Injective has presented a project via blog post, which aims to build a bridge between the ecosystem of Solana and that of Cosmos (ATOM). This is not about the flow of funds, but in particular to be able to offer DApps from Solana without changes to Injective, which will then also be available for all projects under Cosmos.

Injective is working with crypto company Eclipse on the project. A blockchain called Arcade is being set up, which can handle special features of Solana such as the Rust programming language. A private testnet for it is already live. Injective hopes to tap into SOL’s current market capitalization of around $8 billion in the medium term through Arcade and by building a bridge to Solana. Injective came to market in the fall of 2020 through an IEO on Binance, and INJ has since increased its value tenfold. A smooth link between Cosmos and Solana is not yet in place. News of Injective’s initiative sent INJ’s price curve up ten percent, Solana did not react noticeably.

Eclipse Labs, on the other hand, is also working on a second project to enable Solana to tie in with Polygon (MATIC). For Solana, the advances are a positive signal, because SOL has lost ground due to the FTX crash and it is urgently looking for fields in which it can reposition itself.

Conclusion: Solana receives support from Injective

Solana developers should look positively at the prospect of offering their projects in the Cosmos ecosystem and there at Injective without major changes in the future. For now, NFTs are the biggest glimmer of hope at Solana, but that seems too thin as a sole prospect. It is open when Injective and Eclipse want to start a mainnet for Arcade. The development work here is complicated matter and quick fixes are to be avoided for security reasons alone. But a vision is slowly taking shape of how Solana can retain a place among the major altcoins without funds from the former FTX empire.

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