Bitcoin Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto: Was He Perhaps Russian?

There is a new thesis in the riddle about the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin: Behind the pseudonym hides a Russian developer, media reports from the USA suspect.

The mystery of who launched Bitcoin (BTC) under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 has been occupying the crypto scene at irregular intervals. A year ago, for example, the news circulated that Satoshi came from Estonia. Now the Bitcoin detectives are moving even further east and want to find out Satoshi is probably a Russian named Sergey. The proof is said to be hidden in the early code of Bitcoin.

In short, they say there is a place in the code that, after decryption, reveals a possible IP address. This, in turn, suggests its use as a proxy located in Russia. If you now look for who used this proxy, you will find a person named Sergey. This Sergey has left hotel reviews for accommodations in Vietnam, a popular destination among Russian developers to escape the winter. This evidence remains very vague, however, and presupposes that Satoshi did indeed knowingly place an IP address encrypted in Bitcoin’s code.

The Satoshi Nakamoto enigma – a never ending story

Anyone who brings Russia into play as a home country for Bitcoin is also opening the door for further speculation. Did Satoshi want to hide from Western intelligence agencies by using the site? Or wouldn’t it be much more logical for a Russian to lay false tracks in the Western online world? At the very least, it is undisputed that Satoshi understood Bitcoin’s network as a safeguard against state influence. In early forum posts, which are attributed to Satoshi, he also dealt with ways of communicating encrypted and anonymously.

But the new clues about the possible origins of Satoshi Nakamoto are not very convincing on the whole. Some commentators note that the search for Satoshi more and more resembles the game of finding a statistic to fit a predetermined result. In short: For the moment, Satoshi can keep his secret.

But don’t forget as an investor, you should: Satoshi’s sometimes bizarre-looking theses may affect the price of Bitcoin. Satoshi was also active as a miner and probably mined up to 1 million BTC. These BTCs have not been moved for a decade and are often simply counted among the so-called lost Bitcoins. If they were to come onto the market in a concentrated form once again, it would be a sensation with the potential to depress the price of Bitcoin.

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