IOTA Improves Scalability: New Node Software Hornet For Chrysalis Is Available

IOTA starts to convert its network by updates in the Chrysalis project. The first component is the node software Hornet, which will replace the previously used IRI on its way to IOTA 1.5.

Only a few days ago IOTA announced its schedule for chrysalis. Under the project name various technological updates for IOTA are summarized. Now Hornet 0.4.0 is the first important component of chrysalis, according to a blog post of the IOTA Foundation. Hornet is a software module that serves as a node in the Tanglenet of IOTA. With Hornet, IRI is to be replaced and IOTA is to become faster and more scalable overall.

Background to Hornet 0.4.0 for IOTA

In their blog the developers of Hornet describe the advantages of their product: The nodes are able to do autopeering, which means automatic connection with other nodes without the previous assignment by the central coordinator. In this respect, Hornet is also an important detail in the preparation of IOTA for Coordicide, the intended transition to IOTA 2.0 with a decentralized network. IRI did not master autopeering at IOTA.

Hornet wants to make it easier for the users to set up a node at IOTA as a slim piece of software. In comparison to IRI, about ten times less memory is to be used and the synchronization in the background is to be up to seven times faster with less resources.

In stress tests, 150 IOTA nodes under Hornet were able to achieve 650 confirmed transactions per second (TPS), which brings IOTA significantly ahead technologically. This is because TPS measures how many transfers and commands the network can check and confirm. With a TPS of 650, IOTA is currently far superior to the block chains of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), for example, and IOTA hopes to be able to increase the value even further.

Conclusion: Technical conversion at IOTA has begun

With Hornet, IOTA is starting the ambitious goal of making its technological basis future-proof. Chrysalis is to be completed by the end of October and then the entire concentration will be directed to Coordicide and IOTA 2.0. After the fiasco with the official Wallet Trinity at IOTA, the crypto scene is taking a closer look at security aspects. Hornet has been checked by external auditors, says the IOTA Foundation, so now the newly designed nodes at IOTA must prove themselves in practice. For investors it is basically positive when IOTA makes a name for itself with technological innovations and not by problems in front of and behind the scenes.

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