eToro offers clients investment plan for Metaverse crypto and stocks

Facebook Metaverse established a new tech division virtually overnight in the fall of 2021, where crypto projects like The Sandbox (SAND) also feel at home. eToro has bundled investment opportunities for Metaverse into one portfolio.

News about the Metaverse is making the rounds almost daily, with Facebook Meta setting the pace in late October. Facebook wants to invest double-digit billion sums annually to build the concept of a virtual world for all areas of life. Altcoins such as The Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA), in whose ecosystems virtual worlds are also growing, have already benefited indirectly from this. Now the trading platform eToro is also taking up the topic and is launching a portfolio under the name MetaverseLife. This bundles promising companies and projects of the Metaverse division, writes eToro in a press release.

Currently 28 stocks and cryptocurrencies comprise eToro MetaverseLife, which is intended as a portfolio for long-term thinking investors, according to the release. Among them, Sandbox (SAND) and Decentraland (MANA) are weighted as heavily as Meta itself (formerly Facebook) and Roblox Corporation, a U.S. company in the videogame industry, at just under 11 percent each. Enjin Coin (ENJ), as the third well-known Metaverse token, enters the eToro portfolio with a 5.7 percent weighting. Thus, the five mentioned stocks make up 50 percent at MetaverseLife. Overall, cryptocurrencies are currently represented at 27.8 percent and stocks at 72.2 percent in eToro’s MetaverseLife.

The minimum investment for the Metaverse portfolio eToro puts at 500 U.S. dollars, management fees do not apply. The Metaverse division is expected to grow into an $800 billion market in the coming years, says an eToro spokesperson, citing forecasts from Bloomberg. Hardware such as VR glasses and smartphones would also play an important role, along with cloud services and other IT infrastructure. That is why the MetaverseLife portfolio also includes stocks from Apple to Microsoft, from graphics card manufacturer Nvidia to Snapchat and Google. Here, the weightings are set at 2 percent each.

According to eToro, the MetaverseLife Portfolio is aimed at investors who lack the time to do more in-depth research on the subject of Metaverse themselves. Without giving details, eToro also announces that it is planning strategic partnerships for the Metaverse division itself. This could mean, for example, making eToro visible in virtual worlds as a company itself in the form of branches.

Conclusion: Trend topic Metaverse – convenient investing with eToro

The MetaverseLife investment package from eToro makes a reasonable impression, you can find a list of all included stocks here. Of course, no one forces you to adopt this portfolio – but as of January 2022, the weighting at MetaverseLife seems a successful balance of risk and blue chips. So if you expect Metaverse to be the next evolutionary step of the internet, eToro MetaverseLife is a convenient way to invest in the future topic in a concentrated way for the medium and long term.

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