Up to 40% of Gamers Can No Longer Imagine Life Without Video Games – Industry Sales Triple in Just 5 Years

40% of male gamers state that they can no longer imagine life without video and computer games. Among female gamers, the figure is 34%, as shown in a new infographic by Block-Builders.de. The industry as a whole is growing rapidly, and in many dimensions: in terms of number of players, average playing time, sales and much more.

The smartphone is now the most widely used gaming device, with 81% of gamers regularly playing games on it, according to a survey conducted by Bitkom. Laptops come in second place, followed by tablets, stationary game consoles and finally desktop PCs (44%).

Meanwhile, the infographic illustrates the considerable impact of the Corona crisis on gamers’ playing habits. Before the pandemic, children and young people spent an average of 83 minutes per weekday playing games; by the end of last year, the figure had risen to 120 minutes.

Rapid Growth

While free game content is also very popular, gamers are increasingly prepared to spend money on their hobby. 69% of gamers have spent money on video or computer games within the past 12 months, compared to just 50% in 2015, and sales have multiplied over the period.

The gaming industry in Germany generated 8.5 billion euros (including hardware) in 2020, compared to 2.9 billion euros in 2015.

The development is not going unnoticed on the stock exchange floor. The upward trend is especially clear when looking at a broader time horizon. While the DAX has gained just 47.2% within the last five years, the price of numerous gaming shares has climbed much more dramatically. TakeTwo has gained 350.1%, while Activision Blizzard has gained 150.8%.

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