IOTA Access Introduced – Universal Platform For IoT And Business

IOTA launches the project of a universally applicable platform for business solutions in connection with the Internet of Things (IoT) with partners from industry and the crypto sector. IOTA Access is expected to be ready for practical use over the next twelve months.

IOTA Access is the name of the latest project that aims to demonstrate IOTA’s expertise and practical suitability for professional applications in the Internet of Things (IoT). “Access” means translated “access” and accordingly the official blog post on IOTA Access focuses on functions such as door opening. Whether you rent a car or an apartment, whether you need WiFi capacity or use a machine – IOTA Access should always allow you to access remotely, if desired only against payment in the crypto currency IOTA. In a short video IOTA shows the idea clearly:

For the presentation of IOTA Access, partners such as Jaguar Land Rover and EDAG from the automotive industry have been acquired, with whom cooperation had already been established before. In addition, partners such as Riddle&Code and STMicroelectronics have been involved in making their products such as sensors and semiconductors compatible with IOTA’s ecosystem for some time.

Business examples for IOTA Access

A new webpage for IOTA Access can be found here and it shows commercial application examples. Private cars could simply be rented if their owner does not need them himself. In large offices, real keys could be dispensed with and access to different rooms could be controlled by IOTA Access. The owner of a coffee shop could release WiFi for micro-payments to prevent abuse, or enable WiFi for customers when they buy coffee and cake.

To make IOTA Access attractive for a wide range of applications, the hardware requirements are low. In the automotive sector, simple products from STMicroelectronics should suffice, in other sectors a Raspberry 3 or 4 is already in use. IOTA writes that in order to connect IOTA Access to existing architectures in IoT, it has been decided to leave it at C as the programming language. However, for typical modules a compiler from Rust should simplify programming.

The roadmap for IOTA Access shows that by the end of the year the focus will be on compatibility with IOTA 1.5 and development work for the automotive industry. In 2021, important functions such as a new wallet (“Stronghold”), paid data channels and Smart Contracts are to be gradually added to IOTA Access.

Conclusion: IOTA Access – more than a feasibility study?

The concept of IOTA Access sounds promising, but is also similar to a number of previous collaborative projects. What is new is that with IOTA Access, payment functions are an essential factor from the very beginning and this platform should not be tied to specific industries. Now it will depend on how quickly IOTA Access comes out of the beta phase and how many users can be convinced in practice. After all, much of what came out of the IOTA Foundation’s think tank ultimately failed in the past because it missed the massive adoption by the real economy.

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