Moonbirds – why the new NFT project sparks euphoria

In mid-April, Moonbirds launched an NFT project whose success is attracting a lot of attention. Because PROOF, the team behind Moonbirds, is expanding concepts around NFTs with exciting details.

Pixelated bird faces under the name Moonbirds currently cost $100,000 and up as NFTs on the leading marketplace Opensea. Payment is made in Ethereum (ETH) and blockchain data shows brisk business with Moonbirds. Yet the 10,000 Moonbirds NFTs only made their debut on Saturday (April 16), where they were, however, sold out in advance at the individual price of 2.5 Ethereum each (around US$7,600). What’s behind the remarkable demand for Moonbirds?

The cute little birds are meant to be profile pictures (PFP), a use case for NFTs that is trending. On Twitter, Instagram and the like, users can set themselves apart from the crowd by using one of the moonbirds. Something similar is happening with CryptoPunk’s NFTs or Bored Ape Yacht Club. But for Moonbirds, the PROOF publishing team has come up with additional tricks:

1. to be guaranteed to get Moonbirds on release day, membership in the PROOF Collective was necessary. Behind this is a group of 1,000 people who define themselves as collectors and creatives in the NFT scene. Club passes for the exclusive PROOF Collective are, of course, also generated as NFT and currently trade for prices from 100 Ethereum (about $300,000) upwards. With Moonbirds, the PROOF has realized its first NFT project in the field of profile pictures and could already rely on the multiplier effects of the collective before the launch.

2. the comparatively high issue price for Moonbirds ensured that the creatives got their income and financially strong interested parties were attracted in free trade. The latter, in turn, rely at least in part on the expertise of PROOF Collective.

3. moonbirds should allow staking, referred to in this project as “nesting”. If a Moonbirds NFT is not sold for long periods of time, nesting is intended to give it additional rare features such as special colors. Such an approach is a novelty for popular NFT projects.

4. still without a schedule is the project Highrise, which is supposed to become a metaverse. Every Moonbirds owner gets rights to be preferred in the launch phase of Highrise – at least that’s what it says on the Moonbirds webpage.

Conclusion: Moonbirds – the next blue chips among NFTs?

Exclusive club membership also plays a major role in the Bored Ape Yacht Club, where a single one of the 10,000 NFTs now costs more than $300,0000. Here, too, a metaverse is promised with the new ApeCoin (APE) behind it. Basically, Moonbirds also show what additional possibilities can be associated with NFTs. On the other hand, at ApeCoin as well as at Moonbirds / PROOF Collective, cronyism is already recognizable at the outset and the editors as well as early club members are undemocratically overreached. Whether the aesthetically questionable Moonbirds can continue to spark interest and business for years to come remains the question that medium- and long-term investors have to ask themselves.

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