Only Half as Many People Can Afford to Own a Home – Owning the Roof Over Your Head is Becoming a Luxury

Only 4.8% of Germans between the ages of 30 and 44 can afford to own their home. As recently as 2010 the figure was as high as 8.7%. As a new infographic from shows, more and more Germans want to buy property, but are less and less able to do so.

Today, only about 241,000 renter households in this age group would be able to buy their own home. In most cases, it is more a question of having sufficient equity than having enough income.

Search engine data reveals great interest in owning a home. Google search volume for the search terms “buy home” has increased noticeably over the last five years, and the Google trend score currently stands at 79, with a value of 100 representing the highest possible relative search volume.

The trend in prices is also bound to be playing an important role – especially since rising property prices also push up the equity required for a loan. In the third quarter of 2021, the average house price in Germany was €3,257 per square metre, compared to an average of €2,881 euros one year ago.

Despite the rally on the real estate markets, the major German companies in the sector have recently only been able to benefit to a limited extent – at least if stock market performance is anything to go by. While the price of Deutsche Wohnen shares rose by 4.8% over the course of the year, Vonovia shares lost around 2.3%.

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