Self-Proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor Craig Wright Convicted of Lying Again

Craig Wright has long had a reputation in the crypto scene as a notorious liar, claiming to be Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto. Now Wright is exposed again, this time by a clever proof.

News about Craig Wright usually has popcorn potential and this time the crypto scene should have a good time again. “Craig Wright is a liar and a cheat. He does not have the keys that were used to draw this message,” a statement says. The special thing about the message is that it contains the addresses of 145 Bitcoin wallets and associated checksums as a list of signatures, so to speak, which prove that the signer or signers are in possession of the private keys for the respective wallets. In this case, this is very piquant for Craig Wright, because 145 Bitcoin addresses are on a list that he submitted to a US court with the aim of substantiating his claim to be Satoshi.

Craig Wright becomes a laughing stock – but what else does the message contain?

Nobody in his right mind believes that Craig Wright could indeed be Satoshi Nakamoto. Too many times he has been convicted of lying in this matter and his attempts to silence critics have also come to nothing. Therefore, there are three more details that are interesting in the present proof:

– The BTC addresses used are all from the early years of Bitcoin, many even from 2009, when there were only a few other miners besides Satoshi himself. If you follow the so-called Patoshi scheme, it is very likely that the addresses used now are not directly attributable to Satoshi. So if you want to speak here, it remains open. It’s certainly not Wright, and most likely not Satoshi – but an early Bitcoin follower.

– And the mysterious signer or signers are not only dealing against Wright. They continue: “The Lightning Network is a significant advance. But still, we need to keep working to improve the on-chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution to this is not simply to change a constant in the code or allow strong network subscribers to displace others.” This note conceals the fact that the originator sees the problem with Bitcoin as central to the problem, that the block chain has long since ceased to be able to handle all transactions quickly.

– To meet this challenge, the message closes with the call “We are all Satoshi”, copying an email from 2015, which some attribute to the real Satoshi.

Why investors are interested in the mysterious BTC message

The secret of Satoshi Nakamot is much more than a detective game, because it must be assumed that Satoshi dug and bunkered up to one million BTC in the early days of Bitcoin. This volume is often added to the Lost Bitcoins. But it is by no means proven that control over this BTC has been lost. When brought to market in a concentrated form, these BTCs would in all probability have a negative impact on the Bitcoin price, at least temporarily. That’s why many investors are interested in every little bit of information that (could) be associated with the real Satoshi.

Meanwhile, Wright is still waiting for the verdict in his trial in the USA. Here, 550,000 BTC in compensation are being discussed, which Wright allegedly wants to withdraw from his early Bitcoin accounts. However, the current demonstration shows that Wright is not in a position to mobilize so many early BTCs, perhaps not even a single Bitcoin. The market as a whole may well breathe a sigh of relief, and Wright himself must prepare himself for moral and financial bankruptcy.

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