Space ID: New Web3 token at Binance Launchpad, stock market debut today

Last chance: those who check Binance Launchpad this Wednesday morning to see if they qualify for the pre-sale of the new Web3 token Space ID can still strike. The project holds profit potential.

We have often explained to you how Binance Launchpad has become the first port of call for IEOs and why there are good chances of winning there. With Binance Launchpad’s 30th promotion currently running, Space ID (ID) is up for grabs and since time is of the essence, here’s the lowdown:

– Today, Wednesday, the subscription phase for Space ID runs at the IEO from 07:00 to 10:00 German time. In order to secure Space ID at the issue price of 0.025 US dollars, you need to log in to Binance and check your customer account to see if your Binance Coin (BNB) balances qualify for the promotion. If yes, you can now – and only now! – agree to purchase Space ID at a fixed price. The number of Space ID allocated to you in this way is calculated by how many BNB you last held.

Binance Launchpad is launching 100 million Space ID, which is five percent of the total holdings. They will be distributed to IEO participants starting at 11:00 a.m. German time today, and shortly thereafter Space ID will also be listed on Binance. It has been shown regularly in the past that the demand for new tokens on Binance is huge and new listings, like Space ID now, rise sharply in price directly after an IEO. This is when easy profit taking is possible.

– Space ID is a platform that focuses entirely on Web3 and branding, and to this end offers the service of simply buying Internet domains, For the top level domains .bnb and .arb, Space ID is a premium trader, plus .eth domains made famous by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS). Space ID serves as a means of payment, project self-management, and discount token in NFT trading.

Conclusion: Binance Launchpad brings Space ID – trading starts today, Wednesday.

For registrations on the .bnb domain, Space ID has already served more than 440,000 customer requests, according to Binance Research, and for the .arb domains, it is already almost 100,000. The offer, which is to be continuously expanded, is therefore meeting with a positive response. Space ID comes through Binance Launchpad to its first public sale and stock market debut at the same time. This combination has repeatedly proven to be profitable for first-time buyers and therefore the chances are good that the scenario will unfold at Space ID as well.

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