Tesla Shares Boom, Competitor Nikola Also Successful On The Stock Exchange

The e-vehicle manufacturer Nikola Motor has only been listed on the stock exchange for a week and already the company is valued higher than traditional companies like Ford and Fiat. The share price for Tesla is also shooting to a new all-time high.

Anyone who as a shareholder observes the market for promising car manufacturers has every reason to be amazed these days: The Nikola Motor Company, headquartered in Arizona, has not yet sold a single vehicle, but has already passed heavyweights such as Ford and Fiat on the stock exchange. On June 4, Nikola Corp was listed on the stock exchange for the first time, then the share price literally exploded, resulting in a valuation of the company of around 30 billion US dollars a week later. In comparison, Ford currently comes to about 27 billion US dollars and Fiat Chrysler to about 20 billion US dollars. Even those who bet on Tesla can be happy: The share price has reached the 1,000 US dollar mark and thus reached a new all-time high.

Future market e-cars – what makes Nikola different

The enormous price gains at Tesla, which point in the direction of 400 percent in 2020 alone, are a clear sign: Investors believe that e-cars are the future and that Tesla, as a pioneer in this field, has the potential to become the market leader. Company boss Elon Musk may be controversial at times because of his eccentricity, but Tesla is now valued at more than 160 billion US dollars and even depends on VW, Mercedes and BMW put together.

Nikola, only founded in 2014, is now preparing to write a similar success story to Tesla. The special thing about Nikola: The announced electric cars get their electricity mainly from a fuel cell fed with hydrogen as energy carrier. This makes the range question for e-cars insignificant, because with one tank load of hydrogen the models of Nikola are supposed to reach and exceed ranges like gasoline engines.

The trigger for Nikola’s latest price jump was the announcement that from the end of June onward reservations will be accepted for the Nikola Badger, which is designed as a pick-up for the US market, where this vehicle class is extremely popular. But please note: Nikola has not yet delivered any vehicles, and an electric truck is supposed to stir up the market alongside the Badger. In addition to the practical test of the first models, the development of an infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations is likely to be decisive in determining whether the bet on the future will pay off. In the case of the Badger, the battery should also be rechargeable via the power outlet, so that in the absence of hydrogen, the vehicle can still remain mobile.

Conclusion: Crypto investors should not underestimate stocks

In the context of Bitcoin and Co., there is always talk of enormous profit opportunities. And since the beginning of the year, BTC has actually turned over more than 20 percent in the plus, while the market value of Ethereum (ETH), the second largest crypto currency, has almost doubled in the same period. However, anyone who invested money in Tesla at the turn of the year and now realizes the gains will also achieve record profits in the classic stock market. Despite the economic uncertainties in the wake of the Corona crisis, individual stocks there, such as those in the e-vehicle sector, are performing well above average. Providers such as eToro are therefore making it possible not only to invest in cryptocurrencies on their platform, but also to take advantage of the stock market.

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  1. I just read about Nikola founder Trevor Milton. I guess there are accusations of fraud. That is baaad news for GM. They just invested $2 Billion with the company.

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