The IOTA Tangle Plays A Central Role In Major Telecommunications Project

IOTA has found the interest of global telecommunications companies and will contribute its Tangle Network to a pilot project for them. Industry giants such as Telekom and Orange want to test how data can be exchanged and processes optimized.

Roaming is only one of the topics on which competing companies in the telecommunications sector must cooperate. Even leading companies such as Telekom or Orange do not have their own infrastructure all over the world, but are dependent on buying B2B lines for their customers. Such processes are partly organized in the industry association TM Forum, which brings together the ten largest telecommunications companies with more than 800 suppliers, service providers and other market participants. IOTA is now also allowed to join this select club. IOTA Tangle will be the basis for data exchange in a pilot project on industry solutions 4.0, writes the TM Forum. Already in the summer of 2019, IOTA had cooperated with TM Forum with a marketplace for telecommunications.

Background on IOTA and TM Forum

In the current project, the large companies have defined three tasks and are bringing them together under the title “Mega Catalyst”. Specifically, solutions are to be found for the upcoming 5G mobile communications standard and two marketplaces (internal and with the involvement of external parties). IOTA Tangle is planned to collect data in a tamper-proof manner and transfer them to central nodes organized by the industry itself. It is also planned to integrate technology from IOTA in the organization of the Distributed Ledger, in which services are billed as a central cash book. IOTA as a crypto currency is not mentioned, however.

IOTA as an ecosystem for the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be basically suitable for such tasks. In practice, for example, it will be a matter of mobile phone masts continuing to transmit data when devices log in there that actually have a contract with a company other than the owner of the infrastructure. The TM Forum describes previous practices as expensive, unstable and susceptible to cyber-crime. IOTA, for example, can clearly identify devices in its tangle and forward data fully automatically. TM Forum also integrates the R3 Corda Blockchain in its “Mega Catalyst”, an industrial solution used by the Swedish E-Krone and Deutsche Börse.

Conclusion: IOTA with positive news from the telecommunications sector

Mobile telecommunications is a growth industry and will also become a pillar for the IoT future through 5G. The IOTA Foundation can therefore be pleased that its technology is trusted by key market players. However, it is also important to stress that the crypto-currency IOTA is not a factor in TM Forum’s “Mega Katalysator” project, at least not for the time being, and it remains to be seen which solutions will ultimately win through in the project. An alternative would be Hedera Hashgraph, where Telekom is actively involved.

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