Bitcoin: Was Craig Wright behind the Mt. Gox hack?

Scandal-plagued Craig Wright is pressuring Bitcoin developers with an argument that would suggest Wright was responsible for the spectacular hack at Mt. Gox. Millions are at stake.

Craig Wright is once again making inglorious news. His lies about the claim that he invented Bitcoin and was the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto have been widely reported. Everything is also known about his legal maneuvers to silence critics, including the result of Bitcoin SV (BSV) being removed from major trading venues. Now Craig Wright scores the next own goal and makes a mockery of himself with a story about Bitcoin (BTC) allegedly due to him.

Wright has his lawyers send letters to respected Bitcoin developers, as WhalePanda announced via Twitter. The letters allege that passwords were stolen from Wright by hackers in early February, allowing access to Bitcoin that he was acting on behalf of his company, Tulip Trading Ltd. (TTL) was managing. And it gets even worse: The nearly 80,000 BTC that Wright is claiming are said to be stored at an address to which loot from the Mt. Gox hack was transferred. Arguably the biggest Bitcoin hack in history, it even made it into a TV documentary and was never fully resolved. So, by implication, Wright says he is responsible for the hack at Mt. Gox, sneers even former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles.

Craig Wright becomes a hate figure

Unfortunately, Craig Wright’s new story is not exclusively amusing. For he opens another barrel: According to him, the Bitcoin developers should restore his alleged fortune in any way possible, if necessary. This would also include a hard fork of Bitcoin to reverse transfers. Whether that would be technically feasible at all is more than questionable. But the bottom line for now is that leading Bitcoin developers should spend time and money on legal battles with Wright on issues that they have nothing to do with per se and that completely contradict the concept of Bitcoin as a decentralized digital currency.

As an investor, please keep in mind that wherever the name Craig Wright appears in the crypto industry, you better give it a wide berth. The man has not only completely lost his credibility, but is apparently increasingly developing malicious plans that can bring more than just trouble.

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