Demand for Vegan Products Increases up to 268%, Listed Manufacturers with High Stock Price Gains

During the corona crisis, US-demand for plant-based foods climbed by up to 268%. In Germany as well, the proportion of those opting for meatless products is rising sharply, as can be seen in a new infographic from Manufacturers of vegan and vegetarian food are currently among the big winners on the stock exchange floor. 

According to data from market research company “Nielsen“, demand for plant-based foods rose sharply during the corona crisis in the USA.

The trend is also increasingly evident in Germany: 55% of Germans now claim to want to consume less meat. Between the 10th and 22nd week of the year, grocery stores reported 59% higher sales of vegan products than over the same period of last year. In contrast, the increase for vegetarian products was 39%.

Vegan Stocks the Champions of the Hour

However, according to a survey by Kearny, we’re still far from the end of the story. According to the forecast, 60% of meat products will have been replaced by plant-based alternatives by 2040. Analysts forecast that the industry’s turnover will increase by up to 275%. The food industry will undergo fundamental changes in the years to come.

In view of the surge in demand, it is hardly surprising that listed manufacturers of plant products are on the upswing. Since January 1st, the price for Beyond Meat shares has risen by 64.1%. Bio Gaia also posted a significant gain of 21.5%. Over the same period the Dow Jones lost 6.5% of its value.

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