How the Rich Are Investing: Tips from Close Friends Take Precedence, Cryptocurrency Ownership Rate 568% Higher Than Among General Population

When making investment decisions, tips from friends, family and colleagues play the most significant role for accredited US investors. 24% of those investors rank these as their top priority. In second place are their own analyses, followed in third place by those of professional financial advisors. Here you can find more information on capital market investments in a new infographic by

According to the survey, 54.9% of accredited US investors have become significantly more active since the Corona crisis. Just 9.8% have switched to a more passive stance on the stock markets in the past year, according to data from an “Xangle” study.

There is a major divide when it comes to investment in cryptocurrencies. About 40% of accredited investors hold digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, while the average share among the US population is just 6%, according to data from “Statista”.

Financial Investments in Germany

The infographic reveals that it is above all young Germans who rate their knowledge of money and capital investments as good, with 67% of 16 to 25-year-olds agreeing with this statement. Only 49% of citizens over the age of 66 consider their knowledge of money and capital investments to be good. This was shown in a survey by the Deutsches Aktieninstitut. The authors of the study found this result surprising, suggesting that older people may have a “more realistic assessment of their knowledge”.

These circumstances could prove explosive, above all since investors who judge their knowledge to be good are clearly more willing to take risks.

On the whole, however, Germans remain relatively conservative in spite of all the asset rallies, as shown in the infographic. As before, current account savings are most frequently used, followed by savings deposits on the savings book.

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