IOTA Firefly Wallet: Mobile version still not released

The official IOTA wallet Firefly will soon get an update to version 1.4.0, but the Firefly app for smartphones, expected since April 2021, is still not ready for release.

In IOTA, the official wallet called Firefly has great importance as external software wallets are not compatible due to IOTA’s technological peculiarities. The latest progress report on the IOTA Firefly wallet now announces an update to version 1.4.0 soon. This will bring minor changes, including the ability to search and filter transactions. In the future, the company plans to provide a monthly update for IOTA Firefly and release beta versions for the testnet, it says.

For those waiting for Firefly Mobile, however, the latest report from the development team does not have good news. Announced as early as April 2021, the versions of IOTA Firefly for iOS and Android are still not ready for the field. In the previous progress report in early November 2021, the IOTA Foundation had reiterated the outlook for Firefly for smartphones, but about a quarter later, the project is apparently treading water. Mobile versions of IOTA Firefly are not only important for convenience, but are a major factor in IOTA adoption. After all, internationally, the smartphone is the only access to the internet for many people.

New features for IOTA wallet Firefly in development in 2022.

In general, according to the new information, Firefly is expected to receive crucial additional features this year. For investors, the first thing to mention is the integration of smart contracts and the option to manage multiple cryptocurrencies. This is because IOTA staking for Shimmer (SMR) and Assembly (ASMB) is still ongoing until the end of March. When this is completed and Assembly and Shimmer are issued, these tokens will have to find a home at IOTA Firefly. Similarly, the “Voting” feature will soon allow the IOTA community to vote on what to do with so-called “unclaimed tokens” worth millions. However, there is still no target date for these two functionalities from the Firefly developers.

Conclusion: Constant delays with IOTA Firefly are annoying

The team for wallets at the IOTA Foundation was staffed up in 2021, but tangible results are scarce. The on-again, off-again put-offs to the future are hard to fathom with the mobile versions for Firefly. Even with other features for Firefly as the central object for IOTA investors, waiting times must continue to be planned. Thus, a picture emerges in which Firefly is becoming the eye of the needle for further development in IOTA. Even plans such as a Firefly extension for the Firefox browser and a modernization of the design cannot hide this fact.

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