IOTA tests linking of wallet Firefly to Ledger hardware wallets

In the difficult task of tying the new official IOTA wallet Firefly to Ledger hardware wallets, an internal testing phase has begun. The feature is eagerly awaited,

The IOTA Foundation is taking heart in linking Ledger hardware wallets with the official wallet Firefly. A tweet from the IOTA Foundation says they are already trying out transactions to and from Ledger hardware wallets with about 50 volunteers in a testnet. Next, the migration process of IOTA tokens will be tested. This is necessary for existing balances in IOTA that are stored on a Ledger Nano X or Ledger Nano S. Because with the changeover to IOTA 1.5 Chrysalis at the end of April was associated migration of tokens to be able to use them in the new Tanglenet. Those who had left their IOTA on a Ledger hardware wallet cannot move them until now, because the migration has to happen first. This also affects crypto exchanges like Binance.

The IOTA Foundation had decided in May to no longer publish timelines for its projects. Thus, even now no target date is mentioned for the interaction of the IOTA wallet Firefly with the Ledger hardware wallets, which has been overdue for a good ten weeks.

IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund moves to Switzerland

Meanwhile, a partly misunderstood newspaper report about Dominik Schiener caused unrest in the IOTA community. The IOTA co-founder and head of the foundation is moving to Switzerland and some believed that this would also affect the foundation. But on Reddit, the IOTA Foundation clarified: its legal seat will remain in Berlin. However, the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) will move to Switzerland. The EDF supports promising IOTA projects financially. However, this is so regulated in Germany that it is hardly possible for the EDF to work in a meaningful way. IOTA hopes that the Swiss location will give EDF more room for maneuver.

Conclusion: IOTA price stagnates

Currently, IOTA is trading at around $0.82 and has thus remained at levels below the psychologically important $1 mark for weeks. Skeptics fear that there will be an IOTA sell-off as soon as the quasi-frozen balances on the Ledger hardware wallets become available again. Proponents of IOTA point to the growing number of collaborative projects in IOTA and the technological development of the ecosystem, which is expected to culminate in IOTA 2.0 by the end of 2021.

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