High-Percentage Investment: Whisky with Price Increases of up to 478%, Gold, DAX Co. Outpaced by Alternative Investments

Over the past 10 years, the value of rare whiskys has increased by 478%. As shown in a new infographic from Block-Builders.net, other alternative assets are also rising in value, including classic cars and cryptocurrencies.

In a ranking of the most popular investments in luxury items among private bankers, wealth advisors as well as family offices, works of art hold first place, followed by classic cars, watches, wines, jewellery and, in 6th place, rare bottles of whisky. These were the findings of a study by Knight Frank.

However, a look at the returns generated shows that whisky investors have been the luckiest over the past decade – at least if cryptocurrencies are not included in the list of alternative investments. In the case of Bitcoin, however, the gain since 2 May 2013 has been around 50,837%.

Investment Trend Towards Whisky

Meanwhile, a look at data from Google’s search engine reveals that more and more users worldwide are interested in investing in whisky. In September last year, the Google Trend Score, an indicator of relative search volume, peaked (5-year review).

The Rare Whiskey Apex 1000 tracks the performance of the 1,000 most sought-after single malt Scotch bottles. The price has risen by 355% since the end of 2012. The most expensive bottle was sold for €1.7 million  in 2019.

But it is not just whisky bottles that are enjoying great popularity. Investments in classic cars have also been paying off recently. While the German Classic Car Index stood at 1,000 in 1999, the score in 2019 came to 2,645.

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