IOTA – Is Tangle EE on the brink of extinction?

At IOTA, once again the anonymous whistleblower “Hund” has published explosive details. Apparently, the IOTA Foundation is trying to withhold logs that show how the Tangle EE project to commercialize IOTA is silting up.

With great expectations and public self-praise, the IOTA Foundation advertised a new working group called Tangle EE in February 2020. In the future, threads were to come together there to advance commercial use cases for IOTA. The guarantor for this was to be the active participation of representatives from business and academia. But now the self-proclaimed IOTA enlightener “Hund” has published information about Tangle EE on Twitter and his website, which show: IOTA Tangle EE has remained practically probably a head birth. Particularly strange: At least one protocol to Tangle EE, which should actually document progress and decisions, was not published contrary to earlier agreements. Only through a leak from “Hund” is the paper now public.

Tangle EE for IOTA – does the project still make sense?

When IOTA launched Tangle EE, two concrete working goals were agreed upon with digital identity and digital marketplace. However, the previously secret minutes from October 2020 are more than sobering. For both working groups, it states that the bi-weekly meetings basically amount to a soliloquy. Calls to members of the working groups to actively participate or at least provide feedback thus largely fizzle out. Accordingly, the (virtual) meetings would have fewer and fewer participants, and their contributions would be “minimal.” Jelle Millenaar for IOTA and Tangle Identity and Jan Pausback for IOTA and Tangle Marketplace state this in writing. In addition, Energinet, the Danish state-owned grid operator for electricity and gas, had formally signed off on Tangle EE.

As is actually always the case when “Hund” speaks up and provides evidence of misdevelopments at IOTA, the IOTA Foundation remains ironically silent. So also this time there is no comment on why the protocols are withheld, although they should actually be the basis for continuous work. Also the website of Tangle EE is conspicuously orphaned, the last news there dates back to July 2020. But admitting that Tangle EE in its current form has not developed the desired momentum, probably no one at the IOTA Foundation wants.

Conclusion: IOTA’s contacts with the economy weaker than expected

In itself, the approach of the IOTA Foundation to the economy as with Tangle EE is of course sensible and useful. After all, IOTA can only grow if it succeeds in establishing itself as a standard for industry in the Internet of Things (IoT) as hoped. Continuous exchange on professional requirements is a critical piece of the puzzle in this regard. But at least what we now know about Tangle EE’s failure suggests precisely that IOTA’s calls to collaborative partners are going unheard. For the skeptics who see IOTA in danger of losing relevance, the recent leak of “Hund” provides fodder again.

But even neutral observers have to wonder: Why does the IOTA Foundation ignore “Hund’s” document-backed criticisms again and again? After all, his interjections are explosive and some of his prophecies, such as the dismissal of IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø, have already come true. Thus, from our point of view it is still true: An investment as a private investor in IOTA is not a very promising idea under current circumstances.

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